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BE SAFE-BE SEEN” Halloween Safety Initiative

More Information: Health Canada Health Canada Canadian Red Cross Canada Safety Council Safe Kids Canada Worksafe BC RCMP Hedge Hogs - Glow in the Dark Be Seen on a Bike "BE SAFE-BE SEEN" reflective Wrap-Bands will be distributed as a joint safety initiative with the Delta South MLA during the week … Continue Reading


Plantar Fasciitis Night Splints Recommendations

This challenge is truly a problem that's pointed out by irritation throughout the base or maybe the heel. It's brought on by overuse, soreness or skin area damage of the muscle referred to as plantar fascia (http://www.happyfeetpro.com/best-plantar-fasciitis-night-splint/). Plantar fascia is definitely a " drifting " fibrous tissue that hooks up the back heel to the foot of the feet. It is a kind of problem, as well as something in each and every twenty people are experiencing this irritation at some point inside their living (website). In line with the American … Continue Reading

Billion-dollar boondoggle? Port infrastructure upgrades need accountability

“Few dissenting voices for these massive infrastructure expenditures are heard among federal and provincial politicians, other than Delta’s two MLAs, Guy Gentner and Vicki Huntington, who have asked questions in the legislature.” Billion-dollar boondoggle? Port infrastructure upgrades need accountability Billions of dollars are being spent on container port expansion at Deltaport, despite stagnation in container traffic. Many of these funds are public money. Officials at Port Metro Vancouver claim that future growth will justify the current exponential expansion, yet they have failed to demonstrate the urgency for such a huge public investment. Deltaport, Canada’s largest container port, is currently operating at only 56-percent … Continue Reading